Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding in Puerto Vallarta

We celebrated our tenth year anniversary recently and it was amazing! We decided we would do a destination wedding since we loved our first visit to Puerto Vallarta a few years back. It was a lot of work, to work only over the phone and through email, but it was worth every headache. I had dreamed of getting married on the beach and by the ocean somewhere. I don't know when I think of the ocean I think and feel closer to GOD. I feel like my little problems or struggles are nothing compared to the sacrifices and gifts that GOD has given us. It makes me appreciate life it self.

We had gotten married on December 11th and wanted that date but it was not available so we opted for Dec 17. So now we have two anniversary dates. :) Through all the planning we had decided if we were going to get married on the beach that we didn't need anything but a photographer, so that we could capture all the special moments! So we looked around and spoke to different people. But the one person/company that stood out to us was BRIDGECOLOR PHOTOGRAPHY. Marisa was so helpful and such a sweetheart that it made us feel so comfortable with having the wedding in PV. So we hired her and it was probably the best thing we ever did. She was so helpful and creative. Not only did she do my photos that I will cherish for a life time...she also did custom maracas to shake at the kiss. I wanted my guest to get a little keepsake to take home. :)

Now with my wedding dress & wedding attire... I wanted something very simple and for the boys in my life I wanted them to wear a black coat and khaki pants. As for me and my dress all I knew is that I wanted to wear Tarina Tarantino jewelry. I was excited to find the perfect pieces to accent my dress. I think I did.

It was such a beautiful evening & great vacation! If you ever want to go to a friendly place, or you need a photographer pick Puerto Vallarta & Bridgecolor Photography. Best experience of my life!


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