Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dry Scalp??? ...A Treatment That Works!

Ok, So I have had a few clients with this dry scalp problem. Some so serious that they went to the doctor. This seems to be a constant problem sometimes because of the weather change, swimming, a certain shampoo or because of hard water. There are many factors. Since these were my clients and we were doing color it was a frequent question of what they should do and what they should use. After researching it for many many weeks and asking different people I was steered to this product.
Malibu Dandruff/Eczema Weekly Scalp Massage. Let me just say that Malibu carries many different treatments and for many stylist its the best reputable company in the industry.


You apply to wet hair with warm water. The treatment does come in powder/crystal form once you wet the product it become activated. You rub into your hands to dissolve the crystals. Then you massage into scalp. (My favorite part :0)) You leave on scalp for 5-7 mins. Then you rinse, shampoo and condition as normal. And Wahla!! You are one step closer to a healthy scalp. You would want to repeat weekly as much as needed.

All of my clients tried it and it worked! Even the more severe cases...
This is something I constantly have in stock. So that I can offer it! It is truly amazing!

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