Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Cool....

Essentials for back to cool (school).

Ok so it's that time again for back to school....And that means shopping for new clothes. Most of us need to be on a budget. We have to only buy the essentials for the year. Because not only do you have to buy school clothes but you have to get a bag and makeup and other small items that add up. :0)

I think the essentials consist of:

Jeans (Nice fitted jeans, I would prefer dark denim, since you can dress up or down)
Shoes (Flats, boots & Sneakers)(Old Navy has great deals and styles)
Tops (Dressy, and casual)
Accessories (Forever 21 for jewelry that you can add to your clothes to change it up)
Handbag (Nothing to expensive so that you can change it out, or buy two!)

Places to Shop:
Old Navy
Target * My favorite place
Forever 21

Hope this gives you some ideas!


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