Monday, April 2, 2012

::My New Obsession::

::My New Obsession::
Double Wear Headwrap Necklaces
These are the funniest headbands! I love how the are versatile. I think they look so cute! I bought some at Target the other day and the first day I wore them a few people asked where I bought them. And for about $6, it is a good hair accessory. :) And they also have these: Double Wear Elastic Bracelet
Hair Accessory + Jewelry In One! Goody DoubleWear™ is the first hair elastic to disguise itself as a bracelet! This is the only elastic designed to be stylish in your hair and on your wrist. Double Wear ponytailers feature black elastics accented with silver and gold charms - letting you stay true to your look when it’s time to let your hair down. I especially like these, since I am always wearing my hair ties around my wrist. I have to have some on hand especially for my daughter's hair. :) *all photo's courtesy of Goody. Have a great day! x

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