Friday, November 22, 2013

::Hourglass Cosmetics Review::

So recently I ordered the Hourglass Cosmetics, it was so hard to choose but decided to go with the Immaculate® Liquid Powder Foundation & The Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood. Let me start with the foundation...It claims to be the perfect foundation for oily skin. I have combo skin, but who can pass up the promise of a long wearing foundation, that stays velvety matte finish—without the need for touch-ups?!
Immaculate® Liquid Powder Foundation

My opinion: WOW! The foundation is everything it promises! I loved the feel & love the smell. I big on smell & it smells great! It is like a mouse, but dries velvety matte. Make sure you shake the bottle before every use. I feel like it comes out better that way. I don't know if it states that, but I have found that it works best that way. No need for touch ups at all. Pure Perfection. It is worth every penny. I will be re-purchasing again & again.

The Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood. So, now for the Ambient Lighting Powder...It is amazing! I don't want to call it a highlighter, it is more of a illuminating powder. It is so subtle. It's not glittery at all, it just gives your skin a glow. I've played with it & have used it many different ways. I actually have tried it on my cheekbones & have used it as a brow highlight, & I have even put it on as eyeshadow. You can also use all over your face just to have a healthy glow. The very first day I wore this I got so many compliments on how my skin looks so flawless. It is also worth every penny. What I like about hourglass is that their product deliver what they promise. Which makes it pleasant to purchase and repurchase.

Lastly, I purchased the Illume Crème-to-Powder Bronzer Duo & it's also amazing. Long wearing bronzer & the blush is the perfect pink shade. The amazing thing is they are a cream consistently , and they dry matte & are long wearing.

Illume Crème-to-Powder Bronzer Duo

(Looks a little orange, but it's not, its my flash.)
My final opinion: I love Hourglass Cosmetics. Every product I purchased has been amazing. I will keep purchasing. My only suggestion is to order from I purchased direct through their website and didn't get the service I had hoped for. My package was sent to the wrong address, which was the companies wrong doing. & when I called they didn't seem that helpful. My second package was sent out, and again it was sent to the wrong address. It was very frustrating, but I try not to get to upset. I mean mistakes happen. So finally I decided to order again, after three days I decided to call to ask about my package and was notified that what I had ordered was out of stock. I just feel like I could have been taken care of a bit better. :) Have a sparkling day!

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