Thursday, November 7, 2013

::Velecta Paramount Professional Super-Lightweight Hair Dryer::

Velecta Paramount Professional Super-Lightweight Hair Dryer by

I recently tried this dryer & was amazed on how well it worked for it being so small. Since I spend most of my hours blow drying. I need something that is powerful & that dries fast, but most importantly a dryer that does not damage the hair. A dryer that adds shine & makes the hair feel smooth.

The first day I used it was on one of my clients who has curly hair...

& here were the results

I was very happy with the shine & the heat that it provided.
The next client I tried it on I had the same results...which is important...

My overall grade:...

I love how small it is, it's perfect size. & I love how it comes with an attachment to make it a little bigger. I don't think I will use the attachment since I love how small it is. & I love how it fits in my hand. I really have been searching for a small hair dryer & this exceeds my expectations as far as length & weight. It comes with two nozzle attachments; one for fast drying, the other for precision work. I also love the extra long cord. That is one thing that I love the most, it is hard to find dryers with long cords. As a hairstylist having a long cord makes your life much easier. :0) The only reason for the minus is, wish it would get hotter, I felt like it took a minute or two to get hot. But when it got hot, it was hot.

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