Monday, November 7, 2011

Violent Lips

Remember those amazing but tacky tattoo transfers that most of us used to wear as kids???
Growing up I had tons of My little pony tattoo's in my collection.
Well, transfers are making a comeback in the beauty world but in very different way. Firstly it was nail transfers, then it was eye shadow designs. Well they can both step aside to make way for lip transfers. Recentely seen on many celebrities.
Violent Lip who have pioneered the innovative new creations, were only available in the US and via their website. But now you can get them at Sephora! Usually costing $14.95 for three applications. These are definetly a head turner. They look so unique! My favorite is the leopard design. I know I know...crazy!...I just love craziness. :0)

Click here: Violent Lip

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